Transportation Project Experience

Vintage Park Overcrossing, Foster City

BKF provided civil engineering services to correct issues at both ends of the Vintage Park Overcrossing Bridge over Highway 92. Corrections were made by removing the bridge approach slabs and the existing fill underneath, replacing it with light-weight fill, resetting flexible expansion joints to protect the underground pipeline, and re-constructing the bridge approach slabs. Project included replacement of existing sidewalk, curb, gutter, crosswalk and medians.

  • APWA Structures Honor Award (less than $2 Million)
  • Innovative design for fill material and flexible expansion joints
  • Improved traffic safety




Duane Avenue Improvements, Sunnyvale

As part of a Federal grant, the City of Sunnyvale retained BKF for design and surveying services for the pavement rehabilitation and improved pedestrian and bicycle accessibility along Duane Avenue between San Juan Drive to Lawrence EXPWY. After surveying the existing pavement condition, BKF evaluated the use of various pavement treatments including Hot-Mix Asphalt, Cold In-place Recycling, and Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) for incorporation. Other Project features performed by BKF included:

  • APWA Transportation Honor Award ($2-$5 Million)
  • Curb ramps construction
  • Drainage and manhole construction
  • Utility adjustments
  • Resetting of Monuments
  • VTA Coordination for Bus Stop and Shelter Relocations
  • Restriping of Roadway for Bike Lane Incorporation
  • Staging and Traffic Handling Plans
  • E-76 Funding Authorization






Tustin/Rose Grade Separation, Orange County

BKF provided civil design services for the feasibility study and design phases of a grade separation for the Orange County Gateway Program. The project had extensive coordination with the Cities of Anaheim and Placentia, Orange County Transportation Authority, and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway. The grade separation accommodated two 6-lane roadways that spanned over the rail and Flood Control Channel. The project objectives were to improve traffic operations, increase traffic and pedestrian safety, and reduce noise along the railway.

  • ACEC Engineering Excellence Honor Award
  • Utility relocations of 9 separate utility owners
  • Extensive traffic handling/stage construction
  • ADA compliance
  • Temporary detour road roads to ensure adequate traffic volume capacity



Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement,
Long Beach

Working on one of the largest design-build projects in CA, BKF is providing civil engineering and surveying services for the replacement of the Gerald Desmond Bridge, associated highway and ramp network, and an integrated Class 1 bikeway in the Port of Long Beach. The design will improve traffic flow by adding additional lanes and improve vessel passage and safety under the bridge by increasing vertical clearance. The roadway work includes:

  • Reconstruction of existing horseshoe interchange ramp connectors
  • & existing connectors to State Route 710, and two existing ramp connections to Pico Avenue.
  • New design meets modern structural & seismic standards
  • Improved safety and reduced traffic hazards


Devil's Slide - California Coastal Trail,

San Mateo County

The award-winning transformation of a scenic 1.3-mile segment of Highway 1 into a multi-use trail for hikers, runners, bicyclists, and equestrians involved careful planning to protect the migratory bird habitat, develop custom aesthetic solutions to barrier fencing, identify native plantings, and design overlooks for observation of the spectacular rocky shoreline.

  • Civil engineering, design, improvement plans, and construction support
  • Conversion of 1.3 miles of Hwy 1 into multi-use trail
  • Pavement regrading to meet ADA requirements
  • 18,000 sq. ft. of pavement micro-surfacing
  • Restrooms and water fountains
  • Fencing for protection of migratory bird habitat and environmentally sensitive areas
  • APWA Silicon Valley Chapter 2014 Project of the Year Award for Environment/Parks
  • ASCE 2014 Project of the Year Award for Bikeways & Trails


City of Healdsburg Downtown Utility and Streetscape Improvements

BKF was retained by the City of Healdsburg to provide utility and streetscape improvements in historic downtown Healdsburg.  The primary objective of this project is to increase pedestrian mobility through enhanced sidewalks. The project is creating pedestrian zones that cater to the passing public, window shoppers and those seeking an outdoor dining experience from restaurants adjacent to the new sidewalks.

  • Sewer, water and storm drain system improvements
  • Increased pedestrian mobility
  • Stormwater and drainage facilities
  • LID measures
  • Public outreach


Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART)

BKF is providing on-call services to help SMART manage 70 miles of rail corridor property. BKF's responsibilities include right-of-way project management and support services.

  • 70 miles of rail corridor
  • 37 miles of track surveying and consulting services
  • Determining ownership of parcels, identifying easements and deed restrictions
  • Various legal descriptions and deeds



Macdonald Avenue Streetscape, Richmond

Envisioned as a gateway “Main Street” the Macdonald Avenue streetscape improvements intend to revitalize the corridor and spur private investment and economic growth in Richmond’s downtown.

  • Streetscape design for approximately 2.7 miles
  • Roadway alignment revision and new medians
  • Street lighting and traffic signals
  • Fiber optic communications system
  • New storm drainage infrastructure
  • Construction management, inspection, and materials testing
  • Utility undergrounding
  • Caltrans permits



Interstate 580 Westbound HOV Widening, Alameda County

Interstate 580 Westbound HOV Widening Project in the Tri-Valley area of Alameda County.

  • 13 miles of Highway Widening
  • Six Bridge Modifications
  • Project Report, EIR, and 2 PS&E Contracts
  • Mandatory/Advisory Fact Sheet Exception Reports
  • Utility Mapping and Conflict Resolution Coordination/Relocation
  • Detailed Stage Construction & Traffic Detours
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Approval
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas and Constraints
  • Roadway Rehabilitation Analysis
  • Future Express Lanes


G Street/BNSF Grade Separation, Merced

BKF was the Civil Engineer for the G Street Underpass in the City of Merced.

  • Alternatives for Acquisition Impacts
  • Traffic Handling/Stage
  • Construction/Detours
  • Storm Drain Pump Station
  • BNSF Coordination
  • Utility Relocations
  • ADA Compliance
  • Community Outreach/Consensus
  • TCIF Funding
  • Construction Inspection of Pump Station
  • ACEC California 2012 Engineering Excellence Awards: Merit Award



Diridon Tunnel & Station, San Jose

While currently serving as a transit facility for bus and light rail, the Diridon Station will become a major transit hub in implementing the Diridon Station Area Plan and the future high speed rail.

  • Transit Oriented Development Master Plan
  • Intermodal regional hub
  • Light rail, high speed rail, bus, vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrians







VTA Light Rail Transit Stations,

San Jose &  Campbell

In conjunction with the C326 LRT Project, BKF Engineers was responsible for the civil and utility design, as well as the surveying and right of way work associated with seven LRT Stations along the Vasona Corridor. Stations design included Winchester Station, Downtown Campbell Station, Bascom Station, Hamilton Station, Race Station, Fruitdale Station, and the San Jose Diridon Station (C345).









Marin Sonoma Narrows, Sonoma/Marin County

BKF worked with the Sonoma County Transportation Authority, (SCTA) Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) and Caltrans, and adjacent stakeholders to provide Segments A3, B1 C2 HOV improvements on   US-101.

As the prime consultant BKF provided project management, PA&ED work and PS&E construction documents. The MSN A3 project involved the lane widening, including cross-slope and profile grade corrections and improved drainage systems, for a 1.7-mile stretch through Novato. The design included

compatibility with future improvements along southbound US-101.






Navy Drive Grade Separation, Port of Stockton

The Port of Stockton (Port) obtained funding from the Highway Rail Crossing Safety Account (HRCSA) to reconstruct the grade separated rail road undercrossing at Navy Drive. The project is in conjunction with the Port’s masterplan to improve access and movement of goods to/from the Port’s East and West Complexes. The Port selected BKF as the prime civil consultant to lead the project team in the final design documents.

  • Replacement of Existing BNSF Bridge
  • Bridge Shoofly Construction
  • Multi-jurisdiction Coordination
  • Alternative Analysis and Project Phasing
  • Construction Staging to Keep Transportation Facilities Operational
  • Hydraulic Analysis & Storm Drain Improvements
  • Storm Water Treatment Facilities
  • Utility Relocation
  • Combination of Specifications – Caltrans & BNSF


Charcot Avenue Extension Project, San Jose

The Charcot Avenue Extension was added to the City’s planned roadway network in 1994 when the San José 2020 General Plan was adopted. Its purpose is to provide a safe multi-modal facility to improve the roadway network connectivity in the area. Objectives include:

• Improve connectivity between residential areas on the east side of I-880 and the North San José commercial area on the west side

• Increase the capacity for east/west travel across the I-880 corridor

• Provide a safe bicycle/pedestrian facility over I-880






Oyster Point Boulevard, South San Francisco

BKF brought the City of South San Francisco its first green bike lanes along Oyster Point Boulevard from Gateway to Marina Boulevard and improved commuting conditions. It encourages bicycling as a way of reducing single occupancy vehicle trips and supporting a healthy lifestyle. Bicycling to work not only reduces congestion and air pollution, it increases cardiovascular fitness and reduces stress. BKF provided services at a lower cost, leading to the City including more work than originally anticipated, resulting in a long-term better solution.

  • APWA Sustainable/Green Honor Award (less than $2 Million)
  • Innovative sustainable design
  • Reconstructed 6,000 LF bike lanes
  • Incorporated special design at intersections


Central Marin Ferry Connection, Larkspur

BKF provided civil and surveying services to the Transportation Authority of Marin for the Preliminary and Final Design of the Central Marin Ferry (CMF) Pedestrian Overcrossing (POC) Project.  The Project sought to build a new multi-use pathway to “close the gap” between the CalPark Tunnel and the CMF by connecting bicycle and pedestrian facilities through the SMART railroad corridor and spanning over Sir Francis Drake at the interchange to Rt 101. BKF services included:

  • ACEC Structural Systems Honor Award
  • Pedestrian/Bike Overcrossing
  • Class I Multi-use Purpose Paths
  • Ped/Bicycle Roundabout
  • ADA Improvement Evaluations/ Remediation
  • Utility Coordination/Relocation
  • Detailed Traffic Handling Plans
  • Right of Way Engineering
  • Utility Coordination and Relocations
  • Public outreach and City Council Coordination
  • Caltrans Project Approval
  • Federal Funding Processing
  • PS&E and Construction Support Services


SVRT BART, Fremont to San Jose

BKF provided preliminary roadway design, utility relocation, topographical survey, agency coordination and project oversight services for the BART extension from Warm Springs in Fremont to San Jose.

  • 16.3 miles of rail
  • 40 rail structures
  • 7 SVRT/BART stations
  • 9 grade separations/roadway reconstructions
  • Utility design within 4-mile tunnel/trench segment
  • Interface with third parties, including UPRR, Caltrans, ACTIA, PCJPB, SCVWD, SFPUC, ACOE, RWQCB, ACWD, and CDF&G








Miller Avenue Streetscape, Mill Valley

The goals of the Mill Valley  Miller Avenue Streetscape project are improving safety and enhancing the street’s functionality as a shopping district and city gateway.

  • Preliminary streetscape and utility plans to define construction costs
  • Technical studies to understand traffic, soils, pavement, and environmental opportunities and constraints
  • Phasing plan to construct improvements that minimize disruption within community and match funding schedules
  • Preparing applications to grant programs – to date, we have secured almost $1 million in external funding
  • Funding plan detailing project elements and development schedule



Roundabout at Escondido Road, Stanford

Stanford University’s goal is to transform the campus into a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly campus by improving safety and traffic flow at key intersections through the installation of roundabouts. BKF assisted with all phases of the project, including design, plan preparation, and construction support.

  • First roundabout on campus
  • Existing Conditions/Demolition
  • Site Layout/Horizontal Control Plan
  • Signage and Striping Plan
  • Grading and Drainage/Utility Plan





Alpine Road at 280, San Mateo County

Addressing the community’s concern over recent accidents, San Mateo County found funding to create an innovative bicycle buffered lane, never before used in Caltrans’ right-of-way, to improve safety within the Alpine Road and Highway 280 interchange.

  • Critical Schedule to meet grant funding
  • Innovative green pavement treatments
  • Buffered bike lanes for heavily travelled route






SR-4 Crosstown Freeway Project, Stockton

In an effort to provide connectivity of State Route 4 (SR-4) while simultaneously addressing inadequate access and future growth of the Port of Stockton’s West Complex Development Plan, BKF was appointed by San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) as the prime civil consultant to lead the Project Approval & Environmental Document (PA&ED) team effort.

  • Project Approval & Environmental Document (PA&ED)
  • Coordination with BNSF, CCTC, City of Stockton, County of Stockton, Port of Stockton, and Caltrans
  • Comprehensive public outreach and stakeholder coordination


Belmont Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge, Belmont

This award winning project located along the 101 corridor, serves to complete bicycle and pedestrian continuity and access across the highway mainline. BKF was responsible for civil engineering design and surveying services for conceptual and final civil designs for the pathways.

  • 2.4-mile pedestrian/bicycle bridge
  • 2012 Project of the Year (APWA Silicon Valley Public Works)
  • 2012 Small Project of the Year - Bridge Engineering Project of the Year (ASCE San Francisco Section)
  • 2012 Outstanding Pedestrian Bridge Project Award (ASCE Region 9)





BART Seismic Retrofit, Alameda
& Contra Costa Counties

BKF worked in conjunction with the  BART Earthquake Safety Program to upgrade seismically vulnerable portions of the original BART system. The project also included roadway/drainage improvements and upgrades to pedestrian/bicycle paths.

  • 10.6 miles of seismic retrofit of R line segment
  • Aerial guideway - 371 piers and abutments
  • 3 bridges (vehicular/pedestrian under-crossings)
  • Design integration at 3 BART substations and 5 parking structures
  • Roadway and drainage improvements




State Route 152/156 Interchange,
Santa Clara & San Benito Counties

BKF provided the civil engineering design and surveying for the award winning Route 152/156 Interchange Project. BKF prepared a Conceptual Design Report which included the development of ten geometric alternatives, incorporating various roadway, bridge, and tunnel configurations.

  • 1.9 miles of highway and expressway reconstruction
  • 9 geometric alternatives
  • CELSOC Engineering Excellence Award
  • CMAA Project of the Year Award
  • APWA Project of the Year Award
  • Mercury News: Number one as most improved traffic relief



Sir Francis Drake Boulevard,
Marin County

Repairing and improving safety along a rural, ecologically sensitive, and highly utilized multi-modal roadway corridor provided challenges to improving 5.2 miles of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Marin County.

  • Unique Highlights
  • Complete LIDR and traditional field survey along project alignment.
  • Developed repair strategy for roadway using crack and seat technique.
  • Coordinated EIR Preparation
  • Provided multiple design alternatives
  • Improved the roadway’s safety for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists
  • Preserved environmental resources




Santa Clara County Trails, Portola Valley

For more than a decade, BKF Engineers has been assisting Santa Clara County, Stanford University, and Cities throughout the South Bay with the planning and design of various trail segments in order to complete the County’s northern trail network. Through this effort, we have studied more than 30 miles of trail alternatives and have completed more than 10 miles of trails that run along riparian corridors, within County and Caltrans rights of way, through residential communities and on Stanford University lands.

  • Sand Hill/Alpine Road Trail (County’s C-1 Trail)
  • Page Mill Road/”Ramos Ranch” Trail (County’s S-1 Trail)
  • Portola Valley Trail (Continuation of The C-1 Trail)
  • Los Altos Hills Trail (C-2 Trail)
  • Palo Alto/Stanford Perimeter Trail (S-1 Trail)


SR 4 (East) Widening Project - Contra Loma Blvd. to G St., Antioch

The SR 4 (East) project widened SR 4 from a 4-lane freeway facility to an 8-lane freeway facility from West of Contra Loma Blvd. to East of G Street.

  • Supplemental PR, PS&E
  • Environmental Re-Validation
  • Geometric Alternative Feasibility Evaluation
  • BART Median Incorporation
  • Interchange Reconstruction
  • Local Street Reconstruction
  • Traffic Signal Installation and Modification
  • Multi-Phased Stage Construction
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas and Constraints
  • Right of Way Delineation
  • Community Participation and Consensus


Marina Bay Parkway Grade Separation, Richmond

BKF prepared a Railroad Crossing Feasibility Report which included several grade separation alternatives for 11 possible existing at-grade crossing to mitigate vehicular and train (UPRR, RPRR & BNSF) conflicts in the Marina Bay District and Parchester Village Community neighborhoods.

  • Alternative Analysis & Feasibility Study
  • Fully Depressed Roadway
  • Separated Vehicular/Ped/Bicycle Profile
  • Right of Way Acquisition
  • Drainage System & Pump Station




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