BKF has 60+ surveyors, including 15 licensed land surveyors and 15 field survey crews. We have many years of experience in High Definition Surveying (HDS). With the use of Leica HDS Scanners, BKF has the ability to collect high resolution point cloud data for projects. HDS scanning can collect up to 1,000,000 points per second  providing large amounts of data for increased accuracy and speed and provides data to create 3-dimensional models of most projects, including topographical site surveys, roadway and highway surveys, ADA Surveys, buildings, bridges, striping, utility plants, etc.


• Topographic Surveying

• Boundary Surveying

• GPS Surveys

• GIS Base Mapping

• Right-of-Way Mapping

• Subdivision Mapping

• ALTA Surveying

• Construction Staking



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For 100+ years BKF has been delivering inspired infrastructure for our clients. With our large network of offices in California we have developed extensive local knowledge that provides us with an understanding of issues relating to feasibility, permitting, and entitlement approvals. We work hard to help you achieve your goals, and get your projects to the finish line. 650.482.6300


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