Infrastructure Project Experience

Marsh Road Channel, Atherton  

BKF provided civil engineering services for the installation of a new concrete U-Channel within the footprint of the existing channel. The Project Channel is approximately 8 to 9-feet wide at the base and is bounded on the upstream and downstream ends by concrete box culverts. The Project Channel is a flood control facility with tributary area of approximately 4.6 square miles. The project preserved the integrity of Marsh Road providing a safe route for motorist and pedestrians.

  • APWA Structures Honor Award ($2-$5 Million)
  • 1,800 linear ft. of new concrete U-Channel
  • Successfully executed under severe time constraint
  • Protected/improved creek conditions for state & federal listed species



Crestmoor/Glenview Neighborhood Reconstruction, San Bruno  

PG&E’s 30-inch transmission gas line explosion in 2010 required immediate emergency services as well as long term infrastructure upgrades to restore the community and infrastructure needs.

  • Emergency Improvements
  • Interim utility Improvements
  • Long-term Street and Infrastructure Improvements
  • 30-inch gas transmission main
  • 12,000 linear ft. water main
  • 10-inch sewer main
  • 120-foot bore and jack
  • 2014 APWA National Project of the Year Award





Mission Bay Pump Stations, San Francisco

BKF developed concept plans for Park Site 23 to show how the treatment volume could be metered and pumped into bioswales and bioretention facilities to meet the C.3 provisions. BKF also worked with the developer and City of San Francisco on a Storm Water Management Plan for the system.

  • 8 submersible pumps
  • Low Impact Design (LID)
  • Channel protection
  • Storm drain pipelines
  • Trash capture
  • Shoreline protection


Dry Creek Rancheria, Geyserville

The BKF team provided the master utility planning and civil engineering of site infrastructure improvements for 75 acres of sovereign land and 310 acres of non-trust land. The project includes the River Rock Casino and associated roads and parking lots.

  • 1.5 million sq. ft. luxury resort
  • 75-acre site
  • 4 culverts
  • Potable water, recycled water, storm, sewer, and joint trench
  • Tertiary wastewater treatment plant schematic design
  • 4.5 million gallons for potable and recycled water tank
  • On-site storm water detention for outfall reduction
  • LEED certification goal


SMUD North City Substation, Sacramento

BKF is currently providing site design for a new substation for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District within the City of Sacramento. To support the California Environmental Quality Act process, BKF provided land planning and site analysis and prepared a conceptual site layout plan and a conceptual site grading plan.

  • Land planning to support California Environmental Quality Act
  • Grading and earthwork volume analysis
  • Substation layout and roadway design
  • Domestic water service & on-site wastewater disposal system
  • Flood analysis and drainage design
  • Infiltration trenches and pond


Sewer Rehabilitation, South San Francisco

BKF prepared the plans, specs and the costs estimates for the project, assisted the City in obtaining the permits and provided design services during construction.  Scope included the rehabilitation of 23,508 feet of sewers ranging between 6-inch and 12-inches including laterals, and manholes.

  • Sewers were rehabilitated using CIPP
  • Obtained encroachment permits from SFPUC
  • Prepared PS&Es
  • Provided Construction Administration
  • Sewers were on public and private property




SMUD Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, Various Locations in Sacramento County

As part of our On-Call contract with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), BKF prepared design and construction documents for the installation of 6 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. Most of the charging stations included 1 hour fast charging kiosks.

  • SMUD S Street Headquarters, Sacramento
  • Cell Phone Waiting Lot at Sacramento International Airport
  • AmTrak Sacramento Valley Station, Sacramento
  • Raley’s Center, Citrus Heights
  • Nugget Market, Elk Grove




Electronic Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations,
Various Sonoma County Locations

As a part of Sonoma County’s effort to extend the range and use of electric vehicles in the North Bay, BKF has prepared designs and construction documents for the installation of 26 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. In 2011, Sonoma County was recognized as the “Most EV-Ready Community 2011” for its wide-ranging policies to accelerate widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption and municipal usage of EV’s.

  • Ray Miller Community Center in Cotati
  • Sonoma Town Square
  • Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport
  • Rohnert Park City Center
  • Windsor Public Library
  • Santa Rosa Veterans Building
  • Keller Street Parking Garage in Petaluma
  • Sonoma County Norton Center
  • La Plaza North Lot at Sonoma County Administration


City of Mountain View Trash Capture

BKF coordinated with the trash device provider and the City of Mountain View to ensure a design that properly conveyed the expected hydrologic flows and caused the least disruption to the local neighborhood. BKF was responsible for the design of a hydrodynamic separator placed within a residential area. BKF determined the final placement of the device based upon the results of a utility analysis, gas lines, sewer lines, and overhead wires were in the immediate vicinity.

  • Trash capture unit installation
  • Hydrodynamic Separator
  • City coordination




Upper Atherton Channel

BKF provided engineering documents for multi-phase instream improvements, including a drop structure and two retaining walls. BKF utilized preliminary consultation with Corps of Engineers and the Water Quality Control Board to determine project recommendations.

  • 1,200 linear ft. of channel alternatives for creek stabilization
  • Restoration of vegetation
  • Tight budgetary constraints
  • Stabilized channel banks
  • Corps of Engineers and Water Quality Control Board coordination





PG&E Gas Operations Technical Training Center (GOTTC), Winters, CA

Pacific Gas and Electric selected Winters, California as the location of their new, state-of-the-art gas training facility, including classroom/teaching space and field training areas. BKF provided mapping, surveying and civil design support the facility.

  • 40-acre development
  • 65,000 sq. ft. Learning Center
  • 11,000 sq. ft. Transmission & Distribution Training Center
  • 18,000 sq. ft. Weld Laboratory
  • On-Site Excavation Training Area



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