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Simon North, PE, LEED AP



“My civil engineering career includes a variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use projects in Northern California. My responsibilities often include taking projects from the conceptual stage through construction. Currently, I am involved with new mixed-use development projects in the bay area, including Brooklyn Basin in Oakland and both Salesforce Tower and Hunter’s Point/Candlestick Point Phase II in
San Francisco."



Luis Garcia, PE



“I have many years of technical and management experience in transportation engineering. My project expertise centers on highway, roadway, and utility improvements, which involve interchange modifications, widening of local roads, and right of acquisition in urban areas.”





Jeff Wang, PE



Isaac Kontorovsky, PE



John Lamon, PE



Yousra Tilden, PE



“I have extensive experience in project design and development, and I have worked on many campus facilities in Northern California including UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Merced, Stanford University, CSU Stanislaus, UOP, and many community college campuses throughout the state.”



“My management experience of water resources projects includes water and recycled water, sewer pipelines, rate studies, and water, sewer and stormwater system master plans. I've been responsible for planning, design and construction administration, and preparation of plans, specifications and cost estimates. I also have an in-depth background in permitting and grant process, preparation of contract documents, and agency coordination.”


“I have many years of experience engineering transportation solutions in California. I specialize in geometric design, traffic signal design, ramp metering, signing plans, construction detour design, pavement delineation, and staged construction plan preparation for public and private sector clients. I strive to optimize a design by meeting project operational requirements and minimizing costs.”






“As a strong advocate of environmentally responsible design, I integrate green technologies and practices consistent with today’s ecological needs. My management style and approach to project planning is centered around providing solutions that combine integrity, aesthetics and mindfulness for the project’s schedule, budget, and efficient construction procedures.”


Geoff Coleman, PE, PLS



"I am responsible for the review, coordination and oversight of civil engineering projects. With 20+ years of experience in hydrology and hydraulic design and integration of low impact development (LID) techniques, which harvest storm water and encourage infiltration, I aim to increase value and longterm sustainability on every new project."






Chris Mills, PE, PLS



"With 20+ years of technical design and management experience, I work hard to manage projects with clear communication and documentation. As an Associate Project Manager, I'm responsible for managing all aspects of the feasibility, compliance, design, coordination, review, and approval of projects. I manage large design teams and work closely with public agencies, community organizations, utility companies, institutions, and private owners to incorporate specific concerns and regulations into the design."


Eric Swanson, PE, QSP/QSD



“I specialize in infill and reuse sites.  I leverage my understanding of the local site conditions, governing jurisdiction requirements, and my construction background to deliver successful projects. I especially enjoy the design-build delivery system, as I believe the collaborative process provides the best value for the project owner. Through extensive communication I am able to identify and resolve challenges efficiently for my clients."




Jason White, PE, LEED AP



"I have always enjoyed the design process and sense of achievement that results from arriving at thoughtful, sustainable solutions through collaboration with clients, stakeholders, and design team partners. With 20+ years in civil engineering managing projects throughout Northern California, I am able to provide valuable insight  from a project’s conception, entitlements, design and construction.  I lead a team of engineers proficient in supporting civic, transportation, education, and private development projects with emphasis on frequent communication and teamwork."



Chuck Humpal, PE, QSD/QSP



"Civil engineering is problem solving, but the technical design is often the least demanding problem to be solved.  Understanding and addressing clients' needs and expectations, satisfying agency requirements, clearly presenting options and recommendations to facilitate team decisions, and developing a design that is constructible and cost-effective as well as technically correct - these are the aspects of the job that keep project management challenging and rewarding for me after 25+ years in the industry.  Working with a great team of professionals, including owners, management consultants, designers, contractors, and reviewers, to successfully complete a difficult project - that is what makes the job enjoyable."



James Dallosta, PE



”Integrating sustainable design strategies with a thoughtful consideration of infrastructure requirements and site constraints is fundamental to a project’s success. My approach to project management and collaborative client and consultant relationships has a proven track record on a wide variety of land development projects, including mixed-use, commercial, residential, roadway, R&D, and campus developments. Building on my experience with sustainable infrastructure, site planning, grading, utility design, cost estimating and construction administration, I am able to effectively consult with clients to deliver results at multiple phases of the development process.”




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